Svamitva believes in delivering high quality products. We understand that quality is the result of intelligent efforts by the right people at the right time doing the right job. We, with our experience in the Industry for over the last three decades have developed Quality Assurance Plan and the objectives are as follows:

  • Achieve required quality and workmanship in all works by adopting appropriate methods.
  • Ensure designs comply with applicable statutory rules & regulations and nationally / internationally recognized codes and standards.
  • Delays and re-works are minimized by proactively doing the right things right the first time.
  • Adopt high standard procurement strategy.
  • Proactively address and resolve probable practical challenges covering technical, product or system issues.
  • Explore alternative innovative working methods, wherever possible.
  • Revising and upgrading processes and procedures at regular intervals.

All of our projects are overseen by our senior management, who will periodically inspect and guide the site team. All the site team members are regularly trained to ensure achieving required quality standards. Some of the important activities that are a part of our QAP are given below:

  • Design review and documentation control.
  • Selection of right Contractors and vendors.
  • Working on realistic Program.
  • Procurement planning and management.
  • Quality Control of bought-out items.
  • Quality Assurance - Ensure compliance to finalized designs and drawings during execution.
  • Ensuring proper workmanship in the day-to-day activities using simple check-lists.
  • On The Job Training


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